Bet On Horses & Make Money

Sports betting is no bet. Pay Pal is an online payment method called, also called e-wallet. This is a virtual, run the Internet account that is used on the Internet to transfer money. Pay Pal was especially large in Germany since it was bought from eBay and was also promoted on this very platform. There are now over 15 million customers in who have a Pay Pal account. Here, the first purpose of the payment on eBay has long been secondary. Meanwhile, Pay Pal is used for all kinds of online stores, unimportant what it is.

In Germany there are Pay Pal, sports betting is not as long as you can pay for some time with bookmakers with Pay Pal in Austria. The reason is quite simple: Pay Pal wanted for so long is not part of the German gaming industry as long as they were to be of the opinion that there is no legal situation that would allow foreign gaming providers. The exceptions were the few vendors that were part of the old East German license as Bet fair, bin or that it could handle everything. Meanwhile another provider Pay Pal has allowed since it is now clear that the market will be opened in Germany.

Pay Pal has several advantages as a method of payment. On the one hand it like the provider because it compared with Money bookers met quite a high identity security standard, which also includes the method for all the bonus offers. On the other hand why it is so popular with customers because you unlike Money bookers method really can use anytime and anywhere, as almost all online stores accept the payment method. So you have to carry an account, which is meant only for sports betting. In addition, a credit card can be so without using anywhere to store their data. Meanwhile, there are not only betting providers who offer Pay Pal, but also increasingly casino providers who have realized how popular this deposit method. We list here only the casino providers, which are really worth it and bring it to be called the onetime reputable quality.