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In the sport of ice hockey team five players and a goalie playing on a Eisspielfeld having a size of about 60 m long and 30 m wide. The objective of the game is to carry the puck through the so-called hockey stick into the opponent's goal. It can take a very rough go on the field, because Hockey is a close-fitting and fast sports.

The body checks so-called mean here is that you can separate the opponent from the puck by lateral displacement and thus take the opportunity to conquer the puck and shoot to score. Small and sometimes big injuries here are often on the agenda. In the women's Hockey physical contact is forbidden since the 1990 World Cup, as it has come here to enormous and serious injuries. Women and youth players are also required to wear helmets with face protection during the game, you can Hockey Betting tap all possible events.

If the word drops Motor sport, then most people think certainly in the Formula 1 . But that this sport is considerably more complex remains hidden from many. First you want to stay with the car so you can here, among other things, the DTM , tours mention the championship.

For the true fan of engine noise and exhaust gases actually an absolute must! NASCAR races are also still not a household name, but what is very unfortunate, because often this is more tension in the air just as in Formula 1.

Who once the Sprint cup, which is the highest racing series in NASCAR , has experienced with that comes no more of it going on. But the Nationwide Series , the second-highest racing series is not to shabby either. The range and the following of online motor sports betting is growing day by day.