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Especially the great battles in the heavyweight have electrified the masses for many decades because of the outcome of the fighting was always uncertain. When Muhammad Ali was still in the boxing ring, his fights were big events which should not be missed. People have set the alarm at night so as not to miss this sporting highlights. The "Rumble in the Jungle" in Kinshasa in 1974, Ali ran against the seven years younger than George Foreman, who was the reigning world champion at that time. The forecasts were not good for Ali. Foreman was considered his designated successor as the greatest boxer of all time. All boxes were betting on a knockout victory for Foreman. In the end, however, Muhammad Ali won and made the bookmakers happy because very few weather dared to Ali in the boxing betting typing.

Some years ago there were some great new athlete on top of the world of boxing. Mike Tyson, Evader Holy field and Lennox Lewis dominated over many years, the heavyweight boxing. It came more and more into fashion, when boxing betting to place.

The best betting tips, there was in all newspapers, for weeks before the boxers fighting this, the newspapers were full of preliminary reports. The current form was put to the test every day. At a winner to type in a boxing match between Evader Holy field and Mike Tyson was not easy. Despite the different Box stile but both were fighters with heart and gave it their all in the ring. The stakes of the boxing betting increased by the high level of attention in the media. For betting providers such as 888Sport, Belfair and William Hill such struggles are of course absolute highlights. Following the resignation of the three great boxer the heavyweight boxing stagnated somewhat, until the time of the Ukrainian giant came, these two broke in Europe and especially in Germany regretting a boom boxes bets.