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The rules are relatively simple, two teams each with 5 players and 7 substitutes try as many basket to score a goal. Is played with a ball, which is about 650 grams and is made ??of leather or synthetic. A successful hits out of the game is worth 3 points. A basket hit within the basket area is valued at 2 points.

When struck by the free throw , the team gets 1 point. The winner is the team that has achieved the highest score at the end. Should the game end with a draw, is a extension of 5 minutes played, the repeated, until there is a winner who has at least one point more ..

This sport has ever known, the more professional they developed and the more basketball betting has been completed. The sports clubs in the U.S. and Europe now pay enormous sums for players and coaches. Both the peel, and the annual income available after the football players in anything, quite the opposite,

In however, can balers of these options only dream of. Although it did well for us players to rise into the top leagues in the United States and to achieve world fame, best example is Dirk Notzki who currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks. As this sport has developed so much today include basketball betting for fixed betting offer any bookmaker or betting shops.

Bets can be placed on a variety of games, tournaments or even the outcome of a game. Basketball betting can be found on for example the matches of the colleges in the U.S., or the well-known U.S. NBA league. But also to the Bundliga BBL offer the bookmaker basketball betting.